How to avoid battery draining

It’s all in the hands of users, not in apps. But how many people know that the user, without depending on power-saving apps, can stop his/her mobile phone battery from draining? Power-saving apps in the Android market promise users that it will carry out efficient clean-up drives routinely and maintain power for a long time. But many apps don’t keep their promise, not even a handful of them. So, what

Head or tail?

Have you ever thought why headphones are made without heads and earphones without ears? If you can’t spare time in your busy schedule to ponder over such intricate questions, then it’s time for you to do so. Else, you would remain standing among people wanting to buy an unworthy headset or earless toy. You should not only check the heads and ears, but enjoy the physique of the unwagging tail,

How secure are you in cyber world?

Right from operating systems, installed in personal computers, to IoT devices in big enterprises, cyber criminals have their fingers on everything. To repel them, there are security agencies. But whenever they solve a problem, something new crops up. So, News Today contacted one of the renowned security agencies, Kaspersky Lab, to find the reality. Excerpts from the interview: Q: Why do hacks and malware attacks happen even when a computer is equipped with an antivirus or firewall? A: Everyone acknowledges

Twitter tweak steps up fight against trolls

San Francisco: Twitter said today it was stepping up its long-running battle against online trolls, trying to find offenders by looking at behavioural signals. “The new approach looks at behavioural patterns of users in addition to the content of the tweets, allowing Twitter to find and mute online bullies and trolls. Even if the offending tweets are not a violation of Twitter policy, they may be hidden from users if

Operate your operating system

It’s frustrating to work on a computer which often hangs and tends to ring the emergency bell as it threatens to make the system crash. But before reverting to the blinking pop-ups, the user will carry out a debate in his mind whether to act according to it or against it However, before s/he comes to an conclusion, the operating system shuts itself into a bluescreen – sometimes green screen

Hackers breach 'Russian wall'

Anonymous has now hit the headlines in Russia. According to some media outlets in Russia, the forum has crashed the Russian government website for promoting censorship activities among other nations. They used DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) to increase traffic and jam the website. They also took over the domain, which was later removed. The website dealt with international cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) was hacked for the State’s activity on strict censorship