Day out in Thoothukudi

The by-now-familiar silhouette of Sterlite Copper unit with the beautiful orange of a rising sun in the background welcomed us to Thoothukudi a couple of days back. My husband and I travelled by train to the kalavara bhoomi (as it is unfortunately thought of) for a day on a personal errand. But the reaction of family and friends on hearing that we were going to the same city that witnessed

Mothers can go in for painless delivery

The labour suffered during childbirth is said to be one of the most painful for women. This could soon be a thing of the past as painless labour or labour analgesia is gaining popularity among pregnant women preferring to be painless while delivering babies. Laparoscopy consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Vanagaram, Dr E Indumathy Thayar, answers questions about painless labour and various options women have for safe delivery.

Best bowling strategy: Start the innings from 2nd over

* Emerging trends in IPL 2018: Pak sneaks in one of its players Chennai, Apr 19: Even with just 10 days into the IPL 2018, we have already seen plenty of excitement, especially over the drama surrounding Chennai Super Kings with its home matches now being shifted to Pune, which probably made Harbhajan Singh to wonder whether he had to now start tweeting in Marathi. Interestingly, early this year, the

Driving a buyer around

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time for many. Having worked so hard to buy their favourite two-wheeler or car, many would enter showrooms wanting to see what’s on offer. Get into a showroom and you will be greeted by a smiling assistant wearing more make-up than necessary. Having told the person that you’ve come looking for a car, they would take you straightaway to the exact opposite of

Ms X and Mr Y

There was a gut-wrenching news a couple of days ago: Both the hands of a woman were fractured by her husband and in-laws in a UP village allegedly for giving birth to three daughters and not bearing a male child in eight years of married life. Granted. This is not an isolated incident that happened in UP. We keep hearing about these cases on and off. Tamilnadu is no exception

Cauvery: Fretting finale

The one thing that unites us Tamilians, irrespective of our caste, creed, colour is that these days we always seem to be in: protest mode. Right now, TN is a playground of multifarious protests. AIADMK is protesting in Parliament over the non-setting up of the Cauvery Management Board. The DMK is protesting against the AIADMK because it (DMK) feels that it (AIADMK) is not protesting enough on the Cauvery issue.